Brushed DC Motor – EMC Radiated Emissions Problems and Improvements

I’ve been working with a customer whose product had significant broadband radiated emissions throughout the spectrum, helping them with fault finding and improving their EMC performance. Partial information from their certifying test lab appeared to show a regular harmonic series suggesting noise from a digital clock of some kind. However, near field probing with a […]

NFC Antenna Optimisation

We’ve recently been working on optimising an Near Field Communications (NFC) card reader antenna using our skills in wireless integration and antenna design. The customer had an existing system and a new requirement to mount the read antenna at the end of a cable away from the NFC reader mainboard. This involved us working on […]

We Are Opening!

Unit 3 Compliance is a new West Yorkshire based EMC design and test consultancy. It provides a unique service of engineering led EMC test support for your products through the entire design cycle. We know that meeting EMC requirements can be a challenge for companies without their own test facilities or in depth experience which is […]