Whilst our philosophy is to try and fix as many issues as possible before they become problems using our Design Review service, there is no substitute for practical testing.

The aim should be to eliminate EMC faults or problems early enough in the development cycle to have time to resolve them before it affects the project schedule. Spending a few hours at the EMC lab to perform basic tests on a prototype can save a lot of stress and heartache in the long term!

Perhaps you’ve taken your product to another test lab and found a failure but they don’t have the time or capability to help you resolve it. Either way, you have come to the right place. We have many years of experience refining our fault finding techniques and, using our EMC test lab, can track down the cause of obstinate problems and help fix them. With many years experience in electronics design and product development we drill down to understand the root cause and fix it at the source.

EMC can be inter-system (primarily what the standards, directives and legistlation addresses) or intra-system i.e. between components within the same product or system.

Fixes can be simple or complex, cheap or expensive, quick to find or time consuming. We recognise the time and cost challenges facing product designers (having been there ourselves) and try to find the optimum solution for the circumstances.

We also know the stresses involved with EMC problems. Over many years of EMC test experience we’ve worked the long days and late nights, dealt with the unhappy product managers and learned a lot along the way. You get to benefit from this hard won experience so get in touch and let’s get it fixed.