An important part of the design process is capturing the requirements and EMC documentation is no different.

Before any testing takes place, it is important to understand the product well enough to write an EMC Test Plan. This captures the salient points of the product specification relevant for EMC testing and assists in determining:

  • What standards apply?
  • What tests are required?
  • What product operating modes should be tested?

It is also used to provide technical justification as to the approach taken during EMC testing and providing arguments as to why some testing may not required.

CE markFor CE marking of products sold in the EU, the Declaration of Conformity (DoC) is your statement of having met the essential requirements in the directive. This is a document that should be updated as and when the relevant standards change. We monitor the development of EMC standards and can advise you on keeping your documentation up to speed.

We can compile Test Reports and Technical Files for your product that can be used to support your DoC and CE marking process.