Guide: EUT/DUT Software Requirements for EMC Testing

So What’s This All About?

This guide is one of our series of articles on preparing your product or equipment for Electro-Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) testing.

In this one we look at the software and firmware requirements for your Equipment (or Device) Under Test (EUT or DUT) to get the most out of testing.

It is illustrated throughout in James’ signature style and full of many years of experience in specifying exactly this kind of software for a wide range of products.

Do I Need A Guide?

Hopefully not, but “What software do I need to provide?” is one of the most common questions we get asked by engineers who are new to EMC testing.

In the last six years of testing, we have tested fewer than five products that contain no firmware, software or programmable elements at all. This represents around 0.01% of the testing work that we have carried out. The software is what makes the product work and without working software the EMC testing is significantly compromised.

Can I See A Preview?

Sure, you can read the first pages and see the table of contents here.

I’m Interested! Where Can I Get The Guide?

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