The most (and probably only) intuitive graphic guide to EMC near field probing ever written!

Start isolating EMC problems like a professional using this guide

Comments and feedback received since the initial publication.

“Nice work, informative contents and easily digestable.”

“Engineers often find themselves stuck trying to fix an EMC problem with little time and little budget. A quick how-to guide is always valuable. ‘Entertaining and easy-to-read’ describes this perfectly.”

“…this is really well done and totally against the usual stiffer upper lip attitude in our field”

“Woah! The content here is just superb!. And the illustrations are so insanely good…! Especially the probe in the coffee Mug 😀 on Pg 16.”

“Great way to start 2022, thanks a lot for such easy to read, exhaustive as well, contribution. A must-have, for sure.”

“…this is awesome and ought to help many product designers! Well done!”

“The ‘Laboratory notes’ style makes everything very pleasant and effective in disseminating the subject’s sense!”

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