WEEE Symbol With Or Without Bar?

To Bar, or not to Bar, that is the question:
Whether ’tis nobler in the regulations to suffer
The affixing of a line under ones bin of marking,
Or to add the date of manufacture to ones label…

Hamlet, Act 3, Scene 1 (an early draft)


Two symbols walk into a bar…

The “crossed out bin” logo of the WEEE Directive 2012/19/EU is a common sight on electronic equipment to denote that these should be separated from regular waste for recycling.

This is commonly seen both with and without the solid black bar underneath the bin. But which is correct?

Unsurprisingly the answer is “it depends” (I swear I’m capable of giving an answer that doesn’t begin with this phrase, honest)

comparison of weee crossed out bin logos with and without bar (simple graphic)

Directive check

Article 14

Information for users

4. With a view to minimising the disposal of WEEE as unsorted municipal waste and to facilitating its separate collection, Member States shall ensure that producers appropriately mark — preferably in accordance with the European standard EN 50419 (25) — EEE placed on the market with the symbol shown in Annex IX. In exceptional cases, where this is necessary because of the size or the function of the product, the symbol shall be printed on the packaging, on the instructions for use and on the warranty of the EEE.

Article 15

Information for treatment facilities

2.   In order to enable the date upon which the EEE was placed on the market to be determined unequivocally, Member States shall ensure that a mark on the EEE specifies that the latter was placed on the market after 13 August 2005. Preferably, the European Standard EN 50419 shall be applied for this purpose.


Seems pretty clear – some kind of mark should be applied to denote manufacture after 2005 (that’s a loooooong time ago now) and the PREFERENCE is to use the methods given in EN 50419.


EN 50419 breakdown

Summarised, clause 4 (marking) of EN 50419:


4.1 Requirements of marking

a) Identify the producer of the WEEE (brand name, trademark, company name/number). Name to be consistent with name used to register WEEE producer with the authorities

b) equipment [placed] on the market after 13 Aug 2005 shall be identified by EITHER

1) the date of manufacture in text form

2) marking as shown in Figure 1 of the standard

4.2 Design of the marking shall consist of a solid bar with dimensions shown in Figure 1 (shown below)


EN 50491 figure 1 bin and bar dimensions



It’s pretty simple, either

  • Apply the bin only logo (Option A) but make sure you have date of manufacture clearly shown on the product label
  • Apply the bin-and-bar logo (Option B)