Unit 3 Compliance was founded in 2017 to provide high quality EMC test services and advice. We specialise in EMC/EMI fault finding and problem resolution, pre-compliance testing, non-accredited testing and product design for EMC.

We are located in the north of England on the outskirts of Bradford, West Yorkshire. We have excellent transport links to the region being just 10 minutes from Junction 26 of the M62.

To keep on top of the latest developments in the EMC and regulatory compliance world we are members of the EMC Test Labs Association (EMCTLA) and Integrated Communications Manufacturers Association (ICMA-tel).

You can read about our environmental commitments in this post on our blog.

James Pawson

Engineer, Consultant, Director

James has 15+ years experience in EMC design, testing, fault finding and problem diagnosis and in running an EMC test laboratory. He finds his wide ranging electronics and product design background invaluable in coming up with innovative solutions to all manner of EMC problems.

He has worked in the electronics industry since 2002 after graduating with a 1st class Honours degree in Electronics Design from the University of Huddersfield. His career has spanned several different disciplines including industrial LCD monitor design, SMPS, microcontroller coding, environmental testing, thermal design and simulation, Gbps high-speed digital design/test, and project management.

In his 15 years as a design engineer he worked on around 15 separate projects with overall production volumes in the millions.

After redundancy from the closure of his previous employer in 2017 he purchased the EMC test lab assets and set up Unit 3 Compliance because he liked working in EMC and was daft enough to try self employment.

He is a member of the IEEE including the IEEE EMC Society and IEEE Product Safety Engineering Society

James is a keen cyclist, commuting the 11 mile journey to and from work in all kinds of weather. He is also a board gamer (likes: Gloomhaven, WH40k, Eurogames, D&D; – dislikes: social deduction games, Monopoly). He loves walking and wild swimming when he finds time, and can occasionally be found on the local hills, usually muddy.

Contact James via email or connect with him via LinkedIn.

Caroline Pearson

Test Engineer

Caroline joined the Unit 3 Compliance team in 2021 bringing with her 20 years of broad engineering experience. Her background includes test and verification of audio, video and RF products, failure analysis, analogue circuit design, and complex compliance/certification testing.

She is tenacious, enthusiastic about fault analysis and problem solving, loves learning new skills and tinkering with just about anything.

Outside of work, Caroline enjoys spending time with her family and has an interest in steam trains and tap dancing (but not at the same time). Her main passion is live music, attending concerts as often as possible, and is an authority on all things rock and metal.

You can find Caroline on LinkedIn.

Lawrence Morrall

Test Engineer

Lawrence has over 17 years of experience working in electronics, starting his career as an Electronics Technician in the British Army before returning to civilian life.

He has worked primarily in the defence and space industries, focusing on production support of RF and microwave electronic products. This allowed him to gain in-depth expertise in fault finding and electronic test verification.

Lawrence gained a first class honours degree in Electronic and Electrical Engineering in 2017. He joined Unit 3 Compliance in 2022 after providing production support to one of the world’s foremost defence companies.

Outside of work Lawrence is a keen fell runner (4am starts) and photographer and enjoys spending time with his young family.

You can find Lawrence on LinkedIn

Louise Pawson

Office Manager

Louise is the oil that keeps the gears turning at Unit 3 Compliance. Office admin, being cheeky, finance, tidying up after a bunch of messy engineers, logistics, marketing… she wears all of the hats.

Outside of work Louise loves cats, filling her garden with plants that impress the bees and butterflies, cats, designing beautiful things, and cats.

Matthew Moorhouse

Lab Coordinator

Matthew joined our team in 2022 as our Lab Coordinator to ensure our test lab operations run as smoothly as possible. An ex-Royal Engineer, his specialities of logistics and project management are key to ensuring we ease your product through its testing.

Typically, our involvement with a testing project lasts between 0.5 and 5 days, with multiple projects in the lab at the same time. Keeping this many plates spinning and keeping our customers up to date and satisfied is a full time job.

Outside of work, Matthew is a gamer (of all kinds), Dog Dad, and a costume and prop maker.

Stephen Clarke

Test Engineer 

Steve joined us in 2023 as our Electrical Safety test engineer. He brings with him over 30 years of knowledge and experience from the fields of AC power distribution, welding, and industrial motor control industries.

He likes to tinker with electronics, build test equipment and likes to know why “stuff does stuff”. His idols are Dr Bunsen Honeydew & Beaker.

Outside work he likes unusual motorsports (truck racing, retro rallycross, Group B rally cars), model railways, Victorian engineering, and science.