Not just EMC – we get our hands dirty

More than just a test lab, we are your product design partner.

A busy week of EMC testing this week on a variety of products but, as the picture suggests, our usefulness doesn’t just stop at testing.

brass gear in vise

One customer posted a sample of their product for testing with the latest sample of DC motor in. However the mechanism was jamming part way through the operating cycle meaning radiated emissions testing couldn’t be completed (no motor brush noise, stall current doesn’t count). Rather than just sit on my hands and wait for them to sort it out, I stripped the mechanics down and found some rough edges on two of the parts. A bit of work with a needle file and some light grease and it was back together and working just fine.

Also this week we’ve helped a customer with designing a regulator circuit to control some LEDs and provided a little bit of training and explanation time too, receiving some good feedback in the process. Explaining something and seeing the understanding take hold is a great experience, we love sharing our knowledge and helping de-mystify EMC.

Here at Unit 3 Compliance we don’t just test, we solve your problems proactively – providing a versatile and friendly engineering service.