1% For The Planet – Donations FY 2019

As part of our membership of 1% For The Planet we’ve made donations for the last financial year to the following environmental charities. These organisations are doing important work to preserve wildlife and habitats in the UK and around the world.

2018 1pftp donations

1% For The Planet Donations FY2018

As a member of 1% For The Planet, Unit 3 Compliance donates 1% of its yearly turnover (total sales, not profit) to environmental charities. All businesses ultimately profit from the planet so it is only fair that we give something back.

For the last financial year we’ve donated to the Rainforest Trust, the Orangutan Land Trust and the Woodland Trust to support work worldwide with the protection of important forest and woodland across the world.

2018 1pftp donations

An Important Balance

Here at Unit 3 Compliance, we recognise that the industry we primarily work in, electronics, has environmental consequences caused by the production, use and disposal of electronic products and systems. Many electronic components are highly complex and not easily recyclable. Energy usage of electronic products is massive. Waste electronics, if not disposed of correctly can cause an environmental hazard, never mind the associated plastics and other components.

We only have one planet to live on, to pass on to future generations and we feel strongly that we cannot shirk our responsibility to the environment. That said, the ability of an individual or small organisation to make significant changes to society and the environment is difficult. We have taken action to try and redress the balance and to attempt to lessen our impact on the environment.

We try to minimise the amount of waste we generate but, where we do, as much of it as possible is recycled. Given the amount of tea we drink, this adds up to a lot of composted teabags!

We have moved our electricity provider to Ecotricity who reinvest their profits into building windfarms and bio-methane mills.

Most importantly for us, we have become a member of 1% For The Planet. In doing so we have committed to give at least 1% of our sales turnover (not profit) every year to environmental charities who are on the front line of trying to make the planet a better place. Reading Yvon Chouinard’s book “Let My People Go Surfing” that tells of his environmental commitments as CEO of Patagonia Inc. was a significant influencing factor in this decision.

We look forward to playing our part.