Unit 3 Compliance is 5 Years Old!

Happy birthday to us

Five years ago I checked in my badge at SmarDTV, turning up the next day to start disassembling the EMC test laboratory I’d worked so closely with for the previous 9 years and purchased with my redundancy pay out.

I had no customers and no concrete plan, but a lot of friends and ex-colleagues who helped me get set up and gave me my first jobs. Thank you all.

Now the “me” is a “we” with Caroline, Lawrence, and Louise having joined Unit 3 Compliance. I’m very proud to work with such a great bunch of people and to do work that matters for customers who care about their products.

Looking ahead to the next 5 years, our plans are to become the best non-accredited EMC and safety testing consultancy and laboratory in the UK (and to have fun whilst doing so).

Hopefully we can keep growing steadily, improve our test facilities, invest in some new equipment, expand our range of services, and bring in some new members to the team. We’ve got so many ideas!

Thanks for being along for the ride, we really appreciate the relationships we have with our customers, peers, and suppliers.